James Cameron's SANCTUM 3D Movie Promotion

Universal was looking for a mobile venue that would allow them to take this amazing 3D underwater journey to top cities across the US. Their goal was to submerge the audience into a cave-like atmosphere that would enhance the feeling of being trapped underwater and allow every guest to feel part of the adventure.

High resolution branded graphics were applied to the floor and interior walls of the CineTransformer to replicate the SANCTUM experience. Attendees were treated to an exclusive preview of 3D scenes from the film.

The tour activated at Universal Studios with a national press conference hosting Executive Producer James Cameron and Writer Andrew Wright. The SANCTUM 3D Tour traveled coast to coast visiting 12 cities.

The tour generated an extreme amount of press, including interviews on local TV, headlines in newspapers and magazines, as well as Facebook, Twitter and social media.

I just want to stress how incredibly happy we are with the entire campaign. Your team really went the extra distance to pull this off. The report from the streets was incredibly positive, and word around the studio has been so strong we are already looking at ways to using a Cinetransformer in the future. James Cameron loved the fact that he can bring 3D to the public

Chris Johnson

Universal Pictures

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