Since 2008, PEMEX Exploration and Production, Mexico’s national oil company, implemented an innovative strategy to create a culture of safety, environmental awareness and protection throughout the company.

To reach this objective, our in-house production company Brabus Films produced several films showcasing the daily lives of Pemex employees. The main goal was to educate and entertain viewers with topics relating to safety, health and protecting the environment. These issues were promoted both at work and at home and created awareness for Pemex employees and their families.

PEMEX leases 10 Cinetransformer mobile cinemas to fulfill their goals by fully immersing viewers in their company message and achieved positive results of how people perceive these issues.

To reinforce the impact of these films, the employee’s families are invited to the showings and are encouraged to participate, adding to the value of the campaign and creating a fun social event.

These films are shown nationwide at Pemex worksites, utilizing 10 Cinetransformer units simultaneously across the country. The films include the participation of well-known actors, increasing the impact of the program.

PEMEX continues to promote a culture of safety and security among their employees and families, including safety themed promotional items reinforcing the PEMEX commitment.

CineTransformer has been a great tool to speed conscientization among our workers, which have been widely accepted. Brabus Films produced "Safety Heroes" for Pemex as part of the campaign. "Pemex, as always promotes its ongoing commitment to safety, health and environmental protection in and out of work.

Rogelio Morando


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