In collaboration, Banamex has developed a financial education program that supports and builds a culture of financial literacy throughout the country. The topics covered include savings, investments, credit, insurance and building wealth.

This is part of a concept called Edutainment, which combines training, education and entertainment, to achieve the greatest impact by using real life examples to reach and motivate participants nationwide.

Banamex has placed their trust in IntegraSV's Cinetransformer, and in turn we have supported them as an agile, novel and powerful way to get their message out nationwide, building the Banamex brand while educating thousands. Starting this year Banamex has increased the number of mobile units in circulation from 3 to 6, covering the nation.

From small towns to big cities, the country has been divided in 6 areas where 6 Banamex mobile cinemas have brought education and entertainment across the nation. The tour has visited schools, universities, workplaces and rural locations, traveling more than 76,000 miles and serving up to 900,000 participants during the course of 3 years.

The messages offered by Banamex have been very well received, and the participants are eager to apply them in their daily lives.

With this and other programs, Banamex recommits every day to building our society through sustainable development, and promoting prosperity in the Mexican family with the goal of creating a brighter future.

The Banamex campaign "We offer Knowledge" has been a great success in the commercial market and has helped raise the education level of the communities. Thus, Banamex has increased its presence by simply teaching children and adults how to manage their money, without the need to sell a product, just be present... We transport the Cinetransformer where no bank or branches exist, achieving a presence with a positive idea that there is a bank that is concerned about them, which opens a door for when we decide to put a branch there

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