AMP was seeking to promote and bring to market a new energy juice called AMP Energy Juice. In a unique collaboration between Terry Gilliam, Pepsi and NASCAR, the group produced an original short film called The Legend of Hallowdega, a "tongue in cheek" about the haunted history of the Talladega Superspeedway.

To premier their short film, AMP Energy Juice chose IntegraSVto provide a CineTransformer Mobile Cinema, in which was centrally located "in the heart" of the Talladega Racetrack. With ongoing showings of the film during the entire event, free popcorn and branded gifts, guests enjoyed free samples of the new AMP Energy Juice. The unit was branded completely with full graphics (interior & exterior) and large AMP beverage inflatables were placed next to the unit within the infield area.

While the movie pokes fun at the strange events that took place at Talladega in the past, the guest experience was a complete success. Thousands of guests received free koozies, popcorn and samples of the beverage.

Your team helped us go from concept to delivery in just a few weeks, on time and on budget. Customizing the unit, creating a spooky and intriguing venue for the premiere of The Legend of Hallowdega film. I look forward to working with you again soon!

Brad Lambert

Vivid Marketing Group

Our satisfied clients