Mobile 4k LW Studio

    4K Screening Room:

  • Acoustically fit sound proofed listening environment
  • Enclosed cinema surround sound system
  • 4K Imaging System for Viewing
  • Refrigerated refreshment console
  • Theater style seating for 12 with great screen visibility
  • Color grading console and video playback system
  • Color corrected, isolated viewing environment
  • 4 seating positions for note taking
  • Media truck intercom and Wi-Fi system
  • Hidden wiring and connection patching simplicity

    Pre-Vis Imaging & Sound Room:

  • Image off-lining and on-lining
  • Color Grading
  • Audio Mixing
  • Air conditioned environment

    DIT Media Management Room:

  • Acoustically fit sound environment
  • 3 consoles for collection, viewing, and organization of footage
  • 2 station data wrangling ingest/management system
  • Color corrected viewing environment
  • 1 - color correction/4K editing system
  • 2 - online/offline 4K editing systems for audio/video
  • Networked RAID storage
  • Full media access management

    Equipment Storage Room:

  • Equipment storage racks
  • Convertible voice over booth
  • Intercom system hookup for audio control

Download Mobile 4k Location Workflow Studio Here

* The sample artist renderings shown are based on current development concepts and used for illustration purposes only.

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